February Photos

This month’s red and greens, rich and dark, stand out against pops of blue.It has been an inspiring month and many projects are coming in to the final stages of production.

Aging bricks.



Admiring one of the many blossoming Japanese Magnolias.


Two wood poles eaten away and a plastic and wire basket.


The curving road.


Empty building.


Mated ducks.


Red gardenia and the painted fire hydrant.


Past noon.


The neighbor’s ornamental ceramic mushroom.


Hope you enjoyed February as much as we have.


Applique Strips Basted

Basting after pinning applique pieces is one of my favorite parts of the craft and I like that the turned edges seem smoother when compared with my turning-on-the-line only applique. Basting may seem like it’ll away time from stitching, but trust me, it doesn’t, and I don’t worry about being stuck with needles. I love all parts of needle-turn applique.

Pattern Name & Author: Aerial Grove & Carolyn Friedlander

Right before I started this I stopped myself from working on a needle-turn applique project I wasn’t enjoying. The project and I did not mesh creatively and when I realized this it was an easy decision to move on. Now I’m stitching away happily.


I recently (today) had guests, and one was my sewing auntie; she helped applique one strip and I’m finishing up the second. When I first saw this quilt pattern I was excited to start working on it. The pattern is fun, graceful, and lends itself to great amounts of color play.

Have any projects you’ve moved on from?