Crib Quilt

This crib size baby quilt is 54″ x 41″ and has a cotton batting. We aren’t sure if our friend’s baby is a boy or a girl, and not knowing that allowed for me to play a lot with color and some prints. I pieced together the top earlier this year, of course using Aurifil thread. The binding are batiks I had left over from another quilt.

IMG_0292 (2)

This quilt reminds me of watching the sunrise over the Atlantic ocean, something I’ve been able to enjoy pretty often lately. The quilt backing fabrics are both Cotton + Steel. I love the pink’s lushness.


I used a deep gold thread to machine quilt this. In all spots that looked like a square I made an X and filled in the rest of the quilt with lines. The ocean often has pockets of smooth water on the surface and I thought of those spaces while I was making X’s.


A thank you to my husband for holding up the quilts!


I find machine quilting on cotton batting to be a lot smoother and quicker experience than with wool batting. The fibers in wool are much more like a bramble. Cotton typically settles down with itself. What do you like to use for batting?

Thanks for stopping by!


9 thoughts on “Crib Quilt

  1. Hi M, I love this quilt-I think all babies should have a handmade blanket to start their little lives ❤️
    I just finished my first successful walking foot quilting, that foot is amazing-I’ve always just powered through with my regular presser foot…no more of that! I used cotton batting, I’m very happy with the finish.
    I like your business card, looking forward to watching your business grow.

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    1. So exciting! I can’t wait to see your walking foot quilt 🙂 It has so much pick up compared to a presser foot! Everything is going ahead pretty well so far and I’m excited to keep growing 🙂 I love you!


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