T-Shirt Top with Applique

Two summers ago I took Alabama Chanin’s Studio Week. It was an amazing experience and helped me understand a lot about garment construction and the make up of fabric and a pattern. I’ve made a dress, circle skirt, and a pin cushion since that time. Ideally my entire wardrobe would be handmade Albama Chanin, and I’m working on that! Whenever I wear the baby-doll dress people stop to ask about it and are shocked to learn that I made it.

At the workshop I also cut out a long-sleeved t-shirt top in a dark blue cotton jersey. Like all items cut and set aside I planned on finishing this top a long time ago, but now I am grateful for the time. I hadn’t learned how to applique yet, and I really wanted to applique a panel of this top.

The other week I caught the flu like many others and was laid out in bed. Luckily this shirt was all handwork! I used blanket and straight stitches. The fabric is Alabama Chanin’s cotton. IMG_5417.jpgIMG_5399.jpgIMG_5409.jpg

The shirt is incredibly soft and form fitting. I love the sense of accomplishment I have each time I make a garment, especially a hand sewn one! Have you made any of Alabama Chanin’s garments?



17 thoughts on “T-Shirt Top with Applique

  1. could you tell me what the books are titled? i really want to learn how to applique, and also make my own garments! I clicked on the link, and the first thing I saw was the 3,000 class in France. I was like, “Oh, daanng I want to sew but I don’t have that money.” And closed the page. lol.

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    1. Wow! I just went to the one in Alabama! Here are Alabama Chanin’s books:

      1. Alabama Stitch Book: Projects and Stories Celebrating Hand-Sewing, Quilting, and Embroidery for Contemporary Sustainable Style

      2. Alabama Studio Style: More Projects, Recipes & Stories Celebrating Sustainable Fashion & Living

      3. Alabama Studio Sewing + Design: A Guide to Hand-Sewing an Alabama Chanin Wardrobe

      4. Alabama Studio Sewing Patterns: A Guide to Customizing a Hand-Stitched Alabama Chanin Wardrobe

      These are all great for constructing garments and have a lot of different options each. As for learning applique out of the books, the instructions do look pretty well written, but may not be the only resource you need for applique. Let me know if you make anything!

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