Applique Today

This is my first time using one of Lori Smith’s applique patterns. The directions are simple and well numbered. I was introduced to her work through the applique class I’m taking at the LQS. It is a great pattern to learn many of the skills needed in applique…as I’m finding out! IMG_5265.jpg

The pattern encourages scrap usage and to date I haven’t used any new fabric. We used bias bars to make the stems and these helped make the stems bendy, easier to apply on. Glue was recommended to keep the stems in place, but since I am on the go and recently learned the joys of basting, I decided to baste the stems on. I’m saving most of my pennies, and glue feels like something I could run to pick up if I was screaming for it, but am glad not to buy right now!


To make circles close to perfect (mine aren’t perfect!) we utilized Karen Kay Buckley’s Perfect Circles. The O-ring to hold all the circles is included, and I love that! Not only are my circles better than anticipated, but each one looks like a sweet little flower while awaiting application.


I worked on Carolyn Friedlander’s Arcs all week. What I appreciate about this pattern is how dynamic the arcs are despite being a simple shape. I learned a lot about tucking under and securing corners.


This is all scrap fabric I had from other projects. The raspberry fabric in the middle row almost had me cutting out new arcs, but I decided to roll with it. This project still has a lot more to be added, and the colors can be balanced. Thread color is going to be crucial.


Other exciting things have been going on here too. I’ve been drawing a lot and am thinking about ordering some supplies to make printed fabric by hand. Any tips? Has any one worked on making fabric?

What are you working on?


7 thoughts on “Applique Today

  1. Beautiful work! I took an applique class from Karen last year – so great! Her perfect circles are awesome and so are her pins. I’m thinking of sending in a few drawings and paintings into spoonflower to have them print them on fabric at some point this year- is that what you’re thinking or are you going to do some stamping?

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    1. That is awesome! I’m hoping to join her in May for a workshop. Have you printed on fabric before? If so, any tips? Let me know how the order goes with Spoonflower, because I was just checking them out the other day. I’ll try stamping first and then hopefully moving some designs over to Illustrator if those are pleasing.

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  2. I haven’t sent anything out to get printed yet. Just played with fusing freezer paper to fabric and printing motifs and quilt labels on the inkjet which actually works good. A bit of dying and painting backgrounds and using Laura murray’s stencils and oil sticks. So much to do. So little time! 😉 Can’t wait to see what you come up with! Have fun!

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      1. It’s really fun – I posted some star ornaments that my husband, sons and I made for Xmas using the stamps and oil sticks back in December if you want to see my most recent use of them. Even the boys (16 and 23) had fun painting fabric with the starbuilder set. Now that’s saying something! Ha!

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