Merino Wool Bump Blankets + Easy Pattern

There were six merino wool bumps around the house. Now there are no bumps around the house! The bumps are from Bag Smith & are 94% merino wool with 6% nylon (mainly to provide structure for the wool) & each have 125 yards of yarn (it feels like the softest rope). My sister gave me these as an exchange & I love how soft the yarn is to knit with.

IMG_4939.jpgI taught myself to knit about five years ago & have enjoyed it ever since. Knitting on size 50 needles made my hands feel a bit like jellyfish. The needles tap each other & a nice rhythm develops. It was a great reminder to me about making sure I don’t knit too tightly in general. This winter weather has everyone inside & I was kept cozy under the wool being knit!IMG_4965.jpg

To make your own blanket you will need:

  • Two Merino Wool Bumps ( or around 350 yards)
  • Size US 50 (25 mm) needles
  • Scissors
  • Finished size: 45″ x 45″
  • Gauge: 1 stitch/inch
  1. Cast on 34 stitches
  2. Purl next row (WS)
  3. Knit next row (RS)
  4. Repeat steps 2&3 by purling all WS stitches and knitting all WS stitches.
  5. After purling the 39th row, cast off.

***Of note: While knitting three throws in a row I noticed that the length of yarn in each bump was not the same. All of the bumps had enough yarn to make 39 rows + cast off & bind off. If you have more yarn & would like your blanket to be longer keep knitting, but make sure to leave enough yarn for casting off.



9 thoughts on “Merino Wool Bump Blankets + Easy Pattern

  1. Oh no! I barely have enough room for all my wool and knitting as it is… Now I’m just going to HAVE to get some of this we won’t be able to move at all… But at least we will be cosy!


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